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Billy (wide) shelf insert - flap door different colours and motives

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Shelf insert for your Billy Ikea shelf

The Billy privacy flap puts an end to chaos and boredom
The open Billy shelf from Ikea offers plenty of space for everything that is lying around at home. These can be things you like to show and things you would rather hide. Everybody knows it, with time unsightly chaos develops. This is where the privacy flap from ClutterCover comes in. It combines the advantages of open and closed compartments on your shelf. It can be easily retrofitted to the Billy and opens downwards.
With our system you don't have to change anything on your shelf and you can turn your shelf into an eye-catcher in less than 5 minutes and without any manual skills.

The Billy flap is designed for a compartment height of 30cm. Deviating dimensions of 0.5-0.7cm can be adjusted with the supplied adapters.
- Reduces the depth of a compartment by approx. 5cm.
- The shelf is not included in delivery.
- Quantity 1 = ONE Billy flap for ONE compartment
Shipping costs are 5,95€
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