About us

We are Marvin and Lukas, two young founders from the far north, directly from the North Sea. Already at high school we developed our first business ideas and tried out different prototypes. Marvin usually has the creative ideas and with his technical skills everything gets hand and foot. Lukas is there to help with words and deeds and takes care of the marketing and economic aspects. Due to the completed vocational training as a mechatronics engineer with Marvin and the completed studies in International Management with Lukas, we complement each other very well and are always developing new ideas and implementing them together.

At Clutter Cover a satisfied customer is our highest priority and we try to inspire more people with our products every day. In the current fast-moving times, you often lose sight of the details. With our products we want to strengthen the awareness for the small but sooo beautiful things in life. Our products are packed with love and little surprises, because not only the product but also the service should inspire you.

Every sold product is handmade by us and of course every product is checked for quality and functionality. From home the orders are packed and then shipped with our logistics partner DHL CO2 neutral.


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